The Shetland Film Archive aims to collect and promote all forms of moving images relating to Shetland or Shetlanders. As a community-led charitable organisation, we want to establish a cultural and historical record of Shetland which can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Shetland Moving Image Archive project was established by Joanne Jamieson and Karen Emslie in 2007. Working in partnership with Shetland Amenity Trust, and other representatives from the arts and heritage sectors, the project undertook public consultation and conducted a feasibility study. The Shetland Moving Image Archive was awarded charitable status in 2011, with phase one of the project beginning in 2012. This period laid important ground work for the archive - developing our policies and procedures, making contact with local communities to source moving image material, and developing a website / content management system. In 2016 funding was secured for the next phase of the project, with a focus on digitation of film and cataloging the collection. In 2019 the group was renamed the Shetland Film Archive.

Key to delivering the Shetland Film Archive objective is widening access to knowledge, creating opportunities for everyone to learn and discover. We are committed to enabling people to make the best possible use of our collections, whether that be for education, research, entertainment, creative use or for health and wellbeing. This is achieved in collaboration with the individuals and families who generously donate material to the archive. See the projects and using footage pages for more information.

The Shetland Film Archive is a registered charity (charity number SC042107).

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