We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in the archive, as it increases the scope of what we can achieve as a community-led charity. If you are considering a career in the heritage sector, this is also a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Join the Executive Committee

The archive is led by an Executive Committee, with office bearers appointed at our Annual General Meeting. The committee set priorities for the group, monitor progress, develop new projects and ensure the Shetland Film Archive is as successful as possible.

Become a Cataloguing Volunteer

If you have an interest in local history or heritage then we are also looking for volunteers to catalogue our moving image collection. This involves watching our digitised material and writing a descriptive synopsis and shot list. Location need not be an issue - our collection is accessible remotely and we welcome keen volunteers who are not based in Shetland.

It’s important for us to maintain a detailed catalogue, as it makes the archive more accessible and provides historical/cultural context to enhance the viewing experience. Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert in every aspect of Shetland history, as we can always add to the catalogue in future!

Training is provided, and a member of the Executive Committee is always on hand to offer advice or support.

Contribute a News Item

We always enjoy learning how people have engaged with the archive collections. If you are particularly passionate about some of our films, why not consider writing a guest news item for the website? These can be on any topic relating to the collections - for example, you may wish to look at the historical significance of some footage, or discuss how the filming location has changed over the decades. The collections offer a unique insight into Shetland history and culture; so there is definitely lots to talk about!

Get Involved with Community Archiving

We are always happy to speak to other community heritage groups and archives interested in collecting moving image material. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss! We have also compiled a resources list which may be of use.

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