Meet the Executive Committee, responsible for management of the collections and facilitating the ongoing growth and development of Shetland Film Archive. Office bearers are elected at our Annual General Meeting; and we are always keen to welcome new members to the committee table!

Hannah Bateson


Hannah has been volunteering with the film archive for a few years now. She got involved because she loves old stories about people and places. For her, the film archive really brings some of those stories to life, preserving the history of the community and sparking creative new directions.

Hannah feels it’s just great to be a part of the archive and it’s exciting to see what archive film can inspire.

Maya Darrell-Hewins


Maya first got involved with the archive through her PhD research, and has continued to volunteer with the group since completion of her studies.

Maya is interested in how people use and relate to moving images in their own lives, and loves amateur film, home movies, non-commercial and artists moving images for their unexpected subjects and techniques and active engagement with the medium. She believes enabling people to access moving images from their communities and pasts, and giving them control over these materials will provide value in the present and persistence for these items into the future.

Maya has a background in film preservation and presentation; and undertakes appraisal, cleaning and management of analogue material (celluloid film and magnetic tape media) for the archive.

Greg McCarron


Greg has been on the archive committee since 2013 and has held the post of chair since 2014. His background is in film-making and he worked as a videographer in Shetland before taking up the role of Media Manager in the STV archive in Glasgow.

Greg is passionate about preservation of moving image heritage - it provides unique insight into the past; and is a fantastic resource for education, research, wellbeing and entertainment. Greg is always interested to see archive film being used in creative ways, and was one of the moving image artists commissioned for the archive’s ‘Ebb Tide’ project in 2014.

In addition to his chair duties, Greg undertakes digital media management and video editing for the Shetland Film Archive.

Magnus Shearer


Magnus has been retired now for a number of years after a working life in the Fishing Industry; together with various voluntary appointments within the RNLI, the Fishermen's Mission and other associated charities.

The chance to become involved with this charitable organisation and to help with the restoration and preservation of films depicting life in Shetland over the years was an interesting project. He feels that films are unique records of people, events and activities from our past; and that it is important to preserve these and to make them available for everyone to see and also for future generations to study.

Together with the other members of the SFA Committee, Magnus hopes to source funding and expertise to continue this work well into the future.

Caireen Stuart


Caireen recently joined the archive as a volunteer cataloguer through her master’s studies in
Film Curation at the University of Glasgow.

Caireen is interested in the potential of archival filmmaking to uncover and unearth hidden
histories, particularly those of Scottish women and other marginalised groups in society.
This is something she has explored in her own work as a filmmaker.

Caireen is very excited to be apart of the archive and to develop her skills and
understanding of film preservation and curation.

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