This film documents a trip by council officials to Foula in 1984. They are taken on a tour of the island to view the landscape, buildings and local facilities (such as the hostel at Ristie). The film ends with the team departing Foula by plane, with lots of great aerial views of the island. Filmed by Jack Burgess while working for Shetland Islands Council Research and Development Department.

Filmed by Jack Burgess. Donated by Charlie Simpson.

A great tour of the Island of Foula in 1984.

00:00:00A trip to Foula filmed by Jack Burgess. Man points at various buildings (wind too loud to hear description).
00:02:03Hens and young chicks.
00:02:22Various views of a house named 'Leiraback.' Possibly the old Post Office?
00:03:30Man standing next to old van with hand painted license plate. He points at various buildings.
00:04:50A man (possibly Frank Millsop) and woman standing next to a ruined building filled with peats.
00:05:25Windmill in garden. Discussion about the make and design. Experimental model from Rutland Engineering.
00:06:30Man (possibly Frank Millsop) standing at large peat stack. Wind makes it difficult to hear what is being said. Discussion about construction of old buildings.
00:07:45Views of various buildings.
00:09:15No picture but conversation recorded. Discussion about change on Foula - arrival of Loganair.
00:10:30More views of buildings and landscape.
00:11:55Inside hostel at Ristie - bunk beds, shelves of cooking equipment, washing basin, etc.
00:14:05John Hallburn speaking about hostel.
00:14:30Outside of hostel and views of landscape.
00:14:37Sheep in field and views of building (hostel?).
00:15:15Views of coast and Gaada Stack. Sea looks quite rough.
00:16:57Views of houses and landscape.
00:18:20Air strip on Foula. Two men walking towards waiting Loganair plane.
00:18:45Close up views of airstrip buildings and Loganair plane.
00:19:26Three men walking towards plane.
00:20:28Inside plane during take off. Views of pilot flying plane, view from windows and plane instruments.
00:20:38Various views from plane during fight - pilot at controls, aerial views of landscape and coastline through windows (with curtains).
00:30:11Plane coming into land at Tingwall Airport.
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