This film from 1971 shows Laura Malcolmson taking a visitor from South on a tour of the islands. Here we see views of the village of Cunningsburgh in summer, including shots of local churches, the post office, coastline and groups of houses. It ends with a group of older women gathered together outside.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

00:00:00Laura Malcolmson walking in front of cottage. Panning across to hillside and burn behind.
00:00:23Laura Malcolmson standing in front of Cunningsburgh Post Office. Then close up of building.
00:00:36Panning views of houses - new housing development at Laxdale Road and old cottages.
00:00:50Babbie Smith and a young Irene Smith in front of house. Both wearing knitwear.
00:01:03Exterior views of building.
00:01:09Panning view of area.
00:01:19Long shots of village shot from high road at cliffs. With island of Bressay behind.
00:02:18Sprocket holes on film.
00:02:23Fladdabister sign and then long shots of area - houses near shore with Bressay behind.
00:03:53Long shot of cottage.
00:04:07Laura Malcolmson and a young Richard Malcomson in front of cottage - brushing his hair, then standing and holding hands. Helena Malcolmson is in the background.
00:04:32Car driving in distance, burn, long shots of village / coast.
00:04:50Long shot of Mail Kirk, panning across to high road leading to Sandwick.
00:05:10Closer view of Mail Kirk and manse next door.
00:05:19Long shots of coast.
00:05:31Laura Malcolmson and visitor from south in kirk yard. The visitor is kneeling on grass and praying (crossing herself).
00:05:40Boat in voe with houses on hill behind.
00:05:44Group of older women in front of house, Mary Jamieson looking at the flowers outside. They gather in front of the camera.
00:05:50Left to right: Mimie Malcolmson (nee Jamieson); Mary Jamieson; Joan Jamieson; Laura Malcomson.
00:06:05The woman gather next to a caravan and sit down.
00:06:15Joan Jamieson walking around side of house with cow in the background.
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