Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek. In John’s role as teacher at Forrester High School (Edinburgh) he took parties of school kids to Shetland every summer on outdoor education trips. This footage is mainly from the 1960 trip, with some clips of the 1959 and 1961 trips too. In this clip the pupils look around Lerwick have fun in the town flower park.

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

00:00:00Pupils viewing boats berthed at Victoria Pier. Man repairing fishing net next to boat.
00:00:06Tjalder cruise ship in Lerwick Harbour.
00:00:12People walking down Commerical Street, including man with camera passing the Market Cross Bakery.
00:00:18High angle view of the Tjalder cruise ship in Lerwick Harbour filmed from Town Hall tower, panning views of the town and Islesburgh House, where the Forrester pupils stayed.
00:00:39Views of Islesburgh House and the flower park (King George V Park).
00:00:49Pupils playing lawn bowls in front of Islesburgh House.
00:01:17Penelope Sinclair (blue check dress) playing mini golf with some of the pupils in the flower park.
00:01:23Pupils playing tennis in the flower park.
00:01:29Pupils playing drafts on using large set in flower park.
00:01:58Mr Constable the head gardener. Views of flowers and gardeners posing with passers by behind.
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