This is family footage of Monty Georgeson's 12th birthday party in 1955. It starts off with children playing in the garden, with a baby in a lace shaw, before moving indoors to a birthday tea party in the sunporch of Clairmont House.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

One of the rare indoor clips from the collection - it's interesting to see the birthday teas laid out in 1955. The children are clearly having a great time, which makes it an uplifting watch!

00:00:00Monty, Beryl and Deborah Georgeson playing in the back garden of Clairmont House
00:01:11Ruby Georgeson holding baby Milford (in a christening gown)
00:01:31Monty Georgeson (smartly dressed) with camera boy with camera
00:01:48Cat in a garden and another shot of the Ruby and Milford
00:02:21Monty Georgeson's 12th birthday party in the sunporch of Clairmont House, with lots of party food on the table. Children are: Hugh Williamson, James Mouat, Stanley Watt, Henry Gilbertson, Janet Goodlad, Beryl Georgeson, Sally Irvine
00:02:57Margaret Manson standing in doorway
00:03:05More shots of children enjoying the party
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