1970s era 16mm colour footage of a man and boy in a motor boat around Scalloway. With views of Scalloway taken onboard, and shots of the motor boat taken from the shore.

Film-maker: Jim Smith MBE

Donated by the Hepburn / Flaws families.

00:00:00Boy and man removing boat from shed and pushing it down tracks to the sea. Then climbing onboard.
00:00:32Boat drifting out, before turning on the outboard motor and quickly heading away from shore. Shipwreck visible in foreground with boat in the distance.
00:01:03Tracking shots of Scalloway (including castle) taken from the the moving boat. With outboard engine visible in some shots. Passenger visible towards end of shot, wearing flat cap and glasses.
00:01:39Shots taken from shore of the motor boat passing. Eventually coming to a stop next to jetty.
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