This film shows Laura Malcolmson and a companion touring around various locations in the central mainland, possibly filmed in 1971. Includes: Scalloway, Lunna Kirk and House, Kergord House, and the Trondra Bridge under construction.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

I love that you can see the people in this film talking to the person behind the camera - reminding us that the people making films and featuring in them are often friends and family spending time together and having fun for themselves, rather than future "audiences".

00:00:00Panning views of coastline at Lunna (?)
00:00:18Back of house on shore, then more views of coastline.
00:00:35Brief shot of sheepdog in garden.
00:00:39Laura Malcolmson and companion walking along hill with coastline behind. They walk past a sundial (?).
00:00:45Camera pans down to view of Lunna Kirk. Then more views of hills and coast.Filmed from Lunna House.
00:01:08Laura Malcolmson and companion standing in front of plaque at Lunna House.
00:01:15Exterior view of Lunna House with sheep grazing in front.
00:01:22Laura Malcolmson and companion in car, parked on road.
00:01:38Views of coastline on a clear day - view far into distance.
00:02:30Close views of Kergord House - vegetable patch in garden, green house, trees in garden and on road.
00:02:50Views of coastline and landscape.
00:03:15Exterior of Scalloway Hotel - close up on sign.
00:03:19Long shots of Trondra bridge under construction.
00:03:35Long shot of Scalloway Castle with town behind. Pan across town to closer view of Tronda Bridge and island.
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