Views of people taking part in a charity walk - starting at Ollaberry Hall and (possibly) ending at Hillswick Hall. There are great views of walkers / runners, with lots of examples of the fashions of the time. Probably filmed in the early 1970s.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00A large crowd leaves Ollaberry Hall, walking towards Hillswick. They pass vintage cars parked outside, as a photographer rushes to stay ahead of the walkers.
00:00:19Long shot of people walking along road.
00:00:28Close up of Magnus Doull and Lilian ?? running along Ronas Voe.
00:00:35Close up of of young man running along road.
00:00:40View of sign notifying motorists about the charity walk.
00:00:48Shots of runners.
00:00:51Group of people standing next to car, speaking to driver.
00:00:59Various close ups of people taking part in the charity walk, including an older man walking with crutches.
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