Young children in the garden on a summers day, wearing swimwear and applying suncream.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

We don't often capture moments like this - just a day in the garden in the sunshine. But the commonality of this experience makes it special to me, something everyone can relate to, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun.

00:00:00young girl, Beryl Georgeson in green shorts.
00:00:10Margaret Leask applies suncream to Deborah Georgeson. Both are in swimming costumes.
00:00:21Beryl pulls up her green shorts.
00:00:29. Margaret applies more suncream to Deborah, with young girl in background. Beryl walks up.
00:00:45. Margaret Leask walking with Beryl. More shots of the children in the garden.
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