Children feature strongly in this film, in various aspects and activities. It is quite obviously a private family film, though the initial location is unclear. The first half of the film follows a group of children around a ‘close,' where houses are terraced together. One of the main features is of inflatable dolls; one is of Batman and the other is of a rabbit. The outside space of the courtyard, or close, appears to be reasonably new as the breezeblocks and concrete slabs are untarnished and unpainted.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Baby Nigel Miller lying on blanket on the ground outside in the sunshine, Jean Miller walking in the background of the frame. Nigel turns over onto stomach. Jean repositions baby onto back and baby turns over again onto stomach.
00:00:30Boy walks out door of house. Girl in blue cardigan running outside: Large stone building, green door, red tiled roof with window.
00:00:39Boy and girl beside yellow windowsill: boy eating chocolate biscuit, face covered in chocolate.
00:00:44Boy lays down beside baby on ground, girl sits down beside them. Second girl comes outside and picks up baby into a seated position.
00:01:00Two boys at wooden garden wall.
00:01:17Children sitting together outside, baby cries and older girl picks him up.
00:01:27Two boys and girl with a large inflatable Batman toy, stand beside clothes line outside.
00:01:36Boy walks down the lane at side of house with large Batman toy.
00:01:44Boys with Batman toy, beside pram outside in courtyard beside houses, cars behind in street. Boys take Batman into a house.
00:01:55Girls take inflatable rabbit toy outside, Jean Miller stands at door of house.
00:02:09Baby Nigel in pram outside, breeze block walls and new paving stones. Girl takes rabbit to baby. Boy standing with Batman at pram.
00:02:28Children and baby at door of house with inflatable toys, street behind.
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