Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek. In John’s role as teacher at Forrester High School (Edinburgh) he took parties of school kids to Shetland every summer on outdoor education trips. This footage is mainly from the 1960 trip, with some clips of the 1959 and 1961 trips too. These clips show a busy Commercial Street, with lots of pedestrians visiting the local shops.

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

I love this trip down Commercial Street in the early 1960s. As most of the buildings are unchanged today, it's only the shop signs, vehicles and fashions which indicate 60 plus years have passed!

This is a nostalic trip down memory lane, especially for folks of my generation. Well remembered shops and individuals from the 1960's and while most of the proprietors have changed the buildings remain virtually the same.

00:00:00Views taken from a bike/car? Driving down Queen’s lane and turning onto Commerical Street. Views travelling down the street, passing various pedestrians shop fronts
00:01:20Coming up to the Fort, where an old style bus is parked up.
00:01:26High angle view of the The Forrester teachers going into the Grand Hotel (where they had daily meetings over coffee.
00:01:30High angle view (taken from the Grand Hotel) of people gathered in front of shops on Commerical Street.
00:01:34Jimmy Manson and Pat Goodlad outside Manson’s sweet shop
00:01:42High angle view of Freda Moar walking down street and waving at camera.
00:01:46High angle view of red truck driving past. Peter Peterson walking down the street.
00:01:54More high angle views of people walking along street and gathering in front of shops. Including a street sweeper at work.
00:02:21Jemima Walterson walking down street. More general views of pedestrians on the street.
00:02:32Brief shot of the Mens’ toilet sign on the Esplanade.
00:02:36Men walking along Victoria Pier with boats tied up behind.
00:02:40Whalsay Willie smoking a pipe on Victoria Pier with the town behind.
00:02:45More views of Victoria Pier - pedestrians walking, boats tied up, other boats passing in the harbour.
00:02:55Men standing at the lodberries, looking out to sea.
00:03:02Pupils on Victoria Pier looking at boats tied up. Pupil sitting on mooring bollard.
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