This footage of the Malcolmson family was possibly shot in 1971. Laura Malcolmson is filmed in the garden with her son Richard and another young boy; and then visits an older lady living at a drystone Shetland croft house. It's particularly interesting to see the comparison between the "new build" cottage and traditional croft house.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

I find this film interesting because it shows the contrast between old and new housing in the early 1970s. While some were living in modern houses, others were still in traditional dry stone croft houses with tarred roofs.

00:00:00Laura Malcomson the garden with a young Richard and Helena Malcolmson. They wave at the camera before walking towards it.
00:00:00Views of flowers in the garden.
00:00:33Young Richard and Helena Malcolmson in front of cottage. Laura Malcomson joins and they wave at the camera.
00:00:45More views of flowers in garden and exterior of cottage.
00:01:06Laura Malcolmson and older woman holding dog, standing outside of traditional drystone croft house with tarred roof.
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