The children featured in the film are seen to be playing ‘Cowboys and Indians,' which, although not politically correct to a modern audience, will resonate with people who grew up between the 1960s to the 1980s. From a censorship perspective, it should be noted that the children are playing with toy guns and also pretending to be shot/killed, so may not be appropriate for young children to view. From a sociological perspective, it evidences the cross-cultural influence of (for example) American movies and narratives, which were prevalent at this time. [some footage overexposed]

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00People sitting inside, in shadow.
00:00:08Boy in pullover with a bandage on his head and bruise on his face, runs back outside with toy gun.
00:00:10Four boys with toy guns.
00:00:30Boy in a red jumper, pretends he has been shot, lying on the ground
00:00:38Woman and baby
00:00:51First woman is joined by Jean Miller holding baby Nigel
00:01:26Boys outside with toy guns
00:01:38Older boy lifts up younger boy, who plays with washing line outside
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