This film was taken on the Mowat croft at Sullom after a heavy snowfall, probably in the 1970s. There are shots views of Bobby Mowat working with a tractor, a cat enjoying the snow, and snowploughs clearing the road for a convoy of vehicles to pass.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00Shots of cat in snow, including looking inside tractor engine.
00:00:20Small bird hopping through snow.
00:00:23Cat in bush, covered in snow.
00:00:28Shots of sheep in snowy field.
00:00:37Cat walking along top of cage / fence.
00:00:43Bobby Mowat walking next to mini car, with snow covered house and outbuildings behind. A sheepdog is at his heels and he is wearing an coat with a piece of rope tied round the waist.
00:00:49Bobby working with tractor, while sheepdog watches.
00:00:56Shots of birds perched on telegraph pole / lines.
00:01:10Close up of cat on show covered roof of croft house. Then shots of cat in snow.
00:01:24Snow plough clearing road with car and people behind.
00:01:31Red snowplough clearing road with convoy following behind - red van, small car. The convey passes a road sign for Gunnister.
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