A film showing life on a a croft at Silwick, Skeld; revealing a tantalising glimpse into a past way of life that was still current into the 1960s and 1970s. There is a variety of visual data that will be of interest to historians, researchers and academics. Some footage is overexposed.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Nigel Miller in a pram being pushed by Laurence Miller. A Child waving at the camera.
00:00:27View of Gardie House on Bressay, over a dry stane dyke in Lerwick. Camera moves across to take in the back of the Bruce Hostel at the Anderson High School.
00:00:33View of a croft house at Silwick, Skeld. Children run up to the building.
00:00:38Man scything in front of a thatched roof building with skylight.
00:00:41Old woman and young girl come out of house, young boy in shorts and t-shirt.
00:00:49Girl pretends to kick boy and smiles at him
00:00:51Other people come out of the house, including Jean Miller holding baby Nigel.
00:00:53Young boy carrying small suitcase and Shetland jumper and woman carrying a baby.
00:01:02Man and elderly woman go back inside the croft house.
00:01:05Girl and toddler lying on the grass outside, a car goes by on the road behind.
00:01:17Clothes hanging outside on a line, small child’s trike lying in the grass.
00:01:27Girl and toddler lying on the grass outside.
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