This is a short private family film which briefly features the iconic Dore Holm, which is located on the North West of Shetland in the Northmavine district (footage overexposed).

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Faint outline of landscape. View from driver’s seat: driving downhill, hands on steering wheel.
00:00:08Dore Holm rock formation off Eshaness.
00:00:24Shetland landscape
00:00:34The Drongs, and a white house
00:00:49Shetland ponies on a hill
00:00:58Jean Miller walks out of house holding baby Nigel in her arms. Second woman and two girls walk out of house.
00:01:10Boy wearing a knitted pullover – aims toy gun at camera.
00:01:12Other boy, dressed as a cowboy with toy gun. Both boys run up steps.
00:01:19Baby in a pram, crying. Girl helping woman.
00:01:22Girl gives baby a teddy bear.
00:01:47Boys playing outside.
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