A film of a family visit to the seaside. It is evident that this is not in Shetland, due to a characteristic promenade that is unlike anything in Shetland. Some footage overexposed.

Donated by the Miller family

00:00:00Two small boys on the beach with a coloured ball.
00:00:03Small child crawling and walking across the sand.
00:00:15Jean Miller and girl sitting on a beach, watching the children play. The girl is wearing a bikini.
00:00:25Non-Shetland: long beach with a promenade above. Jean Miller and girl sitting on towels. Other beach goers have windbreaks.
00:00:30Small child walking, wearing blue plastic nappy pants.
00:00:45Miller family at the beach - Jean Miller and three children.
00:00:52. More shots of the small child walking and sitting on the sand.
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