Film of the Miller family gathered outside Glen Orchy Guest House for the christening of Nigel Miller in 1971. Family members are dressed in formal/smart clothes and Lerwick Town Hall is visible in the distance.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Mrs Lees and Jean Miller wearing hats, standing outside Glen Orchy guest house. Jean holding Nigel Miller.
00:00:11Children standing outside, smartly dressed. Oldest girl brushing her hair.
00:00:17Mrs Lees and Jean Miller, pose for camera with Nigel Miller (baby).
00:00:27Woman and children, pose for a camera
00:00:40Jean Miller holding Nigel - baby wearing Christening gown.
00:01:00Boys playing on swings in a garden, Lerwick Town Hall in distance.
00:01:17Laurence Miller on a swing, holding baby Nigel. Dog runs behind.
00:01:26Jean crosses road with baby Nigel. Parked bus behind.
00:01:31Jean stands at gate: behind her, the ex-lighthouse buildings (now private dwellings) next to the old cemetery.
00:01:34Children sitting on gate.
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