This film appears to be of a private family holiday, most likely outside of Shetland. Visual aids which indicate this are of areas surrounded by tall trees, which is not reminiscent of any tree type found in the islands. Includes footage of a birthday party in the tail end of a car.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Baby in a pram.
00:00:05Two men, two boys and a pram.
00:00:09Man pushing the pram does a funny walk (wiggles his hips) and young boy sticks his tongue out to the camera.
00:00:12Baby in pram, someone out of shot tickling his face.
00:00:16Woman across a car park.
00:00:18Girl wearing yellow roll-neck top, trees and cars, buildings with black roofs.
00:00:24Lighting candles on a cake, bottles of juice (in the tail end of a car)
00:00:28Man opening a bottle of juice [film over exposed].
00:00:36Woman and children walk across car park, surrounded by trees.
00:00:48Children playing on a garden swing, roses and vegetable patch in the garden.
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