Children are a main feature of the film, taken during a family holiday on the mainland. Of visual interest are the fashion designs and fancy dress costumes, which roughly place the date to the 1960s or early 1970s. There are other covert aspects of the footage which suggest a particular era; such as the presence of a well-established garden vegetable patch (which was still popular in the post-war years), and of children and young people gathering in gardens to play in.

Donated by the Miller Family

00:00:00Woman and young child playing together in garden with ball and toy wheelbarrow; a red toy double decker bus.
00:12:00Vegetable patch in garden.
00:18:00Girls and boys beside a yellow garden fence, next to a door. Tall trees on opposite side of the road.
00:27:00Two small boys; one standing, one sitting on floor of garden shed (crying?).
00:33:00Woman in a blue coat.
00:35:00Woman wearing a red sleeveless top.
00:38:00A girl and a small boy coming out of a house that has a green door
00:41:00Person wearing a pink shirt and a knitted pullover, walks out into the garden.
00:45:00Jean Miller with children in a car park beside trees.
00:49:00Laurence Miller and man standing in a residential street.
00:53:00Woman and children in a garden.
01:07:00Man cleaning a bicycle; sticks out his tongue to the camera.
01:11:00Young women using skipping ropes in a garden.
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