This film was taken on a busy day in Fraser Park (Scalloway). Children are seen playing on the swings, see-saw, roundabout and in the sandpit. Parents are seated around the edge of the park as the children play. A good day out for everyone!

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

00:00:00Scenes in Fraser Park, Scalloway. Girls of various ages on swings (including Beryl Georgeson).
00:00:30Monty Georgeson on see-saw with girl.
00:00:48More shots of children playing on swings. One boy is standing up on his swing.
00:01:11Ettie Georgeson walking through Scalloway, passing by people gathered around doorways and windows.
00:01:17Monty Georgeson in Fraser Park, walking towards camera.
00:01:24Children on swings. Mitchell is pushing Beryl.
00:01:31Children on roundabout.
00:01:45Adults and children seated at the edge of the park.
00:01:50Children playing in sand pit.
00:02:06Various children and adults at edge of park.
00:02:19Brief shot of boys playing football.
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