Synopsis: This film was taken on a busy day in Fraser Park (Scalloway). Children are seen playing on the swings, see-saw and chasing each other in the sandpit. A good day out for everyone!

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

00:00:00Scenes in Fraser Park, Scalloway. Lots of children playing in sandpit. They are chasing each other.
00:00:20Girl pushing little boy (possiblyTommy Georgeson) in swing while he is asleep.
00:00:27Young woman walking by with child sitting up in pram - both looking at camera.
00:00:31Two young women and a girl playing on see-saw.
00:00:36Children playing on swings.
00:00:52Close up shots of a girl on the swings - moving towards camera.
00:00:58Close up shots of a boy on the swings - moving towards camera.
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