Footage of a Shetland boat, the Harvest Gold, fishing for eels off the East coast of Shetland in 1982. Video was filmed by Charlie Simpson for the Shetland Islands Council R&D department.

Filmed and donated by Charlie Simpson.

A good insight into the work of a crew fishing for eels. Plenty to haul in!

00:00:13Views of sea and land from boat, Harvest Gold, sailing through Mousa Sound.
00:00:56Various views of crew working on deck in rainy conditions with seabirds flying around boat. Skipper Winson Watt, crew: Stuart Williamson, Francis Adamson, John Robert Scott.
00:01:55Various fish and crabs in tank.
00:03:14Man standing on deck, looking at shore. Zoom in to closer view of land.
00:03:29Seagulls perched on the side of the boat.
00:03:55Panning from lighthouse across shoreline.
00:04:17Date on screen (possibly incorrect): 1.1.1982.
00:04:20Men casting nets off the back of boat.
00:05:30Stuart Williamson operating winch. With various shots of other crew working.
00:06:40Clive Scott on deck.
00:06:55Stuart Williamson at controls of winch.
00:07:09Various shots of fishing lines.
00:07:56Octopus, fish and scallops in tank.
00:09:43Fishing boat in front of shoreline and lighthouse.
00:09:50Clive Scott gutting fish.
00:11:00Zoom in to window - skipper inside.
00:11:25Fishing boat sailing along shore.
00:12:15Operating winch.
00:13:11Crew on deck.
00:14:00Shots of men operating winch and fishing line. Equipment hauled up.
00:17:00Nets being hauled in.
00:20:15large net hauled onboard and catch of eels dumped on deck
00:20:35Net being tied and thrown back overboard.
00:20:55Various shots of crew working on deck.
00:21:25Another catch of eels dumped on deck. Crew use shovels to pour the eels below deck.
00:21:55Another large net hauled onboard and catch emptied.
00:22:37Various shots of crew working on deck.
00:23:12Boat in motion - view of sea.
00:23:35Shots of eels, octopus, crabs star fish, etc in tank.
00:28:35Views from boat - shore, seabirds, etc.
00:28:56Looking through hatch to eels below deck.
00:29:25Other shots of deck and crew working.
00:30:55Brief shot of deck at night.
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