Colour 16mm footage of a horse show in Norway, with views of people riding horses, petting ponies and riding in horse / pony-drawn carts.

Film-maker: Jim Smith MBE

Donated by the Hepburn / Flaws families.

00:00:00Two boys riding in a pony-drawn buggy.
00:00:23Various people riding ponies and horses.
00:01:35Long shot of ponies being led across the grounds in formation.
00:01:49Close up shot of a young girl with pony.
00:01:54Various shots of children riding ponies in formation around the grounds. Crowds watching.
00:05:02Ponies being harnessed to a cart. Two children then ride the cart through the grounds.
00:05:54Woman riding a horse.
00:05:59Small black dog.
00:06:03Various shots of people riding ponies and horses, and views of the crowd gathered.
00:06:24Children riding in horse drawn buggy.
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