1970s era 16mm colour footage taken in Norway prior to attending a horse and pony show. Various shots of people with horses and ponies, including riding and using two wheeled horse drawn carts.

Film-maker: Jim Smith MBE

Donated by the Hepburn / Flaws families.

00:07:42Horses in field next to telegraph pole.
00:00:07Man posing with two horses in field.
00:00:13Men in two wheeled horse drawn carts. Passing Scandinavian style wooden buildings.
00:00:24Swan on water.
00:00:28Man passing in two wheeled horse drawn cart.
00:00:35Swan on water.
00:00:39Horses grazing in field on summers day. Trees and mountains in background. Some shots with people in field with them.
00:00:55Two horses grazing in wooded area.
00:00:58Various shots of Horses and people in wooded area, with trees and Scandinavian style buildings in background.
00:01:23Girl mounting pony and riding it across field to join group.
00:01:34Pony walking hind legs with man, while others watch.
00:01:45Woman walking on path with foal. Then running with pony in front of building.
00:02:28Various shots of adults and children riding / leading horses and foals in front of farm buildings. Views of 1970s style clothing and car.
00:03:07Group gathers on horseback and rides past farm buildings and various 1970s style cars.
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