Intercounty sports events are a chance for tournaments between schools. This film shows pupils travelling to the island of Yell to play volleyball (girls) and football (boys). Probably filmed in the 1970s.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Eric Erasmuson.

Sports competitions happen across Shetland, just as they do elsewhere. Sometimes however, geeting to a fixture involves a variety of transport options.

00:00:00Small ferry sailing towards camera.
00:00:10Boys onboard ferry to Yell.
00:00:16View from ferry as it approaches pier in Yell. A coach is parked on shore.
00:00:22Close ups of girls playing volley ball.
00:00:35Boys walking towards camera in football gear. Coaches parked behind.
00:00:43Long shot of girls playing volley ball. Views of houses in background.
00:00:50Long shot of boys playing football.
00:00:58Close ups of boys playing football.
00:01:27Boys walking towards camera after match.
00:01:38Boys walking towards building (changing rooms?).
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