Colour footage of the Junior Up Helly Aa procession in Lerwick, probably filmed in the 1970s. There are some good views of the children in costume, and guizers in silhouette against the burning galley.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Eric Erasmuson.

00:00:00Long shot of torches being lit with flares.
00:00:08Long shots of guisers lined up with flaming torches.
00:00:19Closer views of guizers marching with torches.
00:00:37Close ups of galley leading the procession.
00:00:55Close ups of guizers marching with torches.
00:01:15Long shots of procession - only torches visible
00:01:25Close up of procession - Guizer Jarl passing in galley (dark).
00:01:36Close ups of procession.
00:01:46Galley being guided into Lerwick park in preparation for burning.
00:01:53Long shots of guizers marching round galley. Becomes overexposed.
00:02:24Close ups of guizers (dark)
00:02:38Various shots of the galley burning, with guizers watching.
00:02:44Member of the Jarl Squad in silhouette in front of burning galley.
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