This mid to late 1960s film shows life on the island of Papa Stour. This film shows some locals walking to the local church, and two women working on a patchwork blanket by the coast.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

This film has interesting shots of two women working on a knitted patchwork blanket by the coast - quite an usual backdrop for sewing!

00:00:00Dennis Shepherd walking to church, followed by various locals in Sunday clothes and hats.
00:01:20Johnny Scott ringing the church bell using rope outside of the church.
00:01:35Stella Shepherd and another woman sitting outside working on a home-made woollen patchwork blanket. View of coast in the background.
00:01:44Dennis Shepherd walking towards croft house, knocking and entering. Carrying a bible?
00:02:00Views of coast, including shots of birds flying and sitting rocks.
00:02:25Close up of patchwork blanket being sewed.
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