Colour footage of Laughton Johnson working on a merchant ship which sails to the Gulf and then returns to Edinburgh. Contains shots of sailors working onboard, various boats at sea and both rural and city shorelines. Filmed in 1958.

Donated by the Johnson Family (Shetland)

Fascinating footage - you can feel the warmth and humidity of the tropics. A wonderful glimpse into the world as experienced by the merchant navy.

00:00:00View from deck of ship at sea (with masts in the foreground). Ship rolling as it moves forward.
00:00:13Other ships at sea.
00:00:20Views of shore from deck of ship. Unknown location (possibly Asia).
00:00:45Tall ship anchored close to shore (viewed as ship passes).
00:00:52Small sailing ship at sea.
00:01:02View of shore.
00:01:12Shots of various sailors painting wood on deck. Includes pan up from deck to top of masts.
00:01:32Views of shore (unknown location).
00:01:42Young man standing on deck.
00:01:46Various views of shoreline with sailing boats (some traditional) passing in front.
00:02:06Boats in harbour.
00:02:10Views of asian buildings, some with young man (Laughton?) standing in front. 00:02:31 Snakes or eels in a pond.
00:02:38. View of rural shoreline, panning down to other boats. More shots of boats at sea.
00:03:05Sailors inside boat, with Forth Bridge visible through window.
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