Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek. In John’s role as teacher at Forrester High School (Edinburgh) he took parties of school kids to Shetland every summer on outdoor education tri ps. This footage is mainly from the 1960 trip, with some clips of the 1959 and 1961 trips too. In these clips the pupils look around Victoria Pier and take a boat ride to the islands of Bressay and Noss.

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

00:00:00Pupils travelling to Bressay on a motor boat. Views of Lerwick from departing boat.
00:00:47Pupils sailing around Bressay / Noss in boat. Views of lighthouse, seabirds and inside cave. Pupil drinking from a bottle (Irn Bru?).
00:01:58Pupil reading comic on boat. Views of other pupils / teachers onboard.
00:02:30Views of shore, cliffs and seabirds (Noss).
00:03:30Two men in motor boat passing cliffs of Noss.
00:03:38Pupils disembarking boat after their trip to Noss.
00:03:58Fishing boats and waterskiers in Lerwick Harbour.
00:05:00Lerwick waterfront.
00:05:26Woman painting a picture of a fishing boat in Lerwick Harbour. More views of fishing boats.
00:05:57Men working on ‘Serene’ fishing boat. Baskets of fish being winched onto truck.
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