The Regattas in Shetland are highly sociable and community based events, with various examples organised throughout the islands. The onlookers gathered in Lerwick provide an insight into the fashions and vintage cars of the time.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

00:00:00Lerwick Regatta - boats sailing in Bressay Sound
00:00:17Crowd of spectators (some looking through binoculars) and cars
00:00:32Boats sailing in Bressay Sound (Lerwick)
00:00:44Crowd standing at Lerwick seafront watching boats sail by
00:01:46Crowd of spectators watching from harbour. Camera pans over to the vintage car (Vauxhall Velux) owned by Mitchell.
00:02:35Young man with bicycle beside car. Another shot of group
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