This film from 1971 shows Laura Malcolmson taking a visitor from South on a tour of the islands. Here we see a great great snapshot of Lerwick Town Centre, including views of buildings along the Esplanade, boats of various sizes berthed at Victoria Pier, and a vintage coach parked up along the street.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

00:00:00Small boats and a larger fishing vessel berthed at Victoria Pier.
00:00:20Pan across buildings on Esplanade at Victoria Pier - old TSB bank (now demolished), Harbour House and others.
00:00:26Coach parked in front of Anderson & Co Woolbrokers building. Coach is 951UVT which was saved for restoration in 2001.
00:00:30Laura Malcolmson walking towards camera at Esplanade.
00:00:34Sprocket holes on film.
00:00:35Panning view of Lerwick harbour filmed from Fort Charlotte - fishing boat sailing by, Bressay ferry berthed, buildings along Commerical Street.
00:01:05Laura Malcolmson standing with Lerwick Town Hall and passing van in the background.
00:01:11Men gathered around fishing boat berthed in Lerwick Harbour, with many boxes of fish stacked up on the pier.
00:01:14Panning view of buildings along the Esplanade - Malakoff Ltd, oil tanker (??) driving down road, gas tanks and other industrial buildings.
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