This film shows Laura Malcolmson and a companion driving around the North Mainland, possibly filmed in 1971. With views of Eshaness, Voe and men working on a peatbank. There is particularly nice footage of the women enjoying a picnic at Eshaness.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

00:00:00Woman standing next to car, parked on the way to Eshaness.
00:00:11Laura Malcolmson joins her at car and they wave to person filming.
00:00:20Views of coastline around Eshaness.
00:00:38View of Dore Holm - uninhabited island off Eshaness.
00:00:43Seabirds nesting on Eshaness cliffs. Then views of cliffs and coastline.
00:01:16Laura Malcolmson and companion enjoying a picnic at Eshaness, with car parked behind.
00:01:32Views of coastline and landscape, panning down to view of beach.
00:01:42View of Voe (village) taken from high road.
00:02:03Woman and child on peatbank while men cut peats behind.
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