This mid to late 1960s film shows a group of keepers painting the Fair Isle South lighthouse. Includes shots of keepers painting the tower from a movable platform, paint being poured into buckets and hoisted to top of the tower, and views from the tower looking down.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

Painting a lighthouse is no easy task, and this film really shows how the keepers had to work together to get the job done!

00:00:00Fair Isle South Lighthouse plaque 1891
00:00:03Long shot of the lighthouse, zooming into the tower.
00:00:15Man in yellow oilskins, climbing over tower balcony to stand on scaffolding to paint.
00:00:34Long shot of lighthouse being painted.
00:00:43Keepers working with paint, ladders, pulleys and ropes. Buckets of paint being hoisted up to the workers.
00:01:47Shots from the tower looking down. Views of courtyard and road.
00:01:58Two keepers on balcony and two on scaffolding.
00:02:24Sheep and lambs.
00:02:28Reflection of lighthouse in water. Long shot of tower being painted.
00:02:43Views of landscape - houses, hills and coast.
00:03:09Two seagulls sitting on concrete.
00:03:15More shots of the tower being painted. Including two keepers on platform moving round tower.
00:03:40Close up of tower being painted.
00:03:52Two keepers looking down from tower, while two on platform continue to paint.
00:04:02Keeper smoking at bottom of tower and then hosing down path.
00:04:09View of coast.
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