This mid to late 1960s film shows life on the island of Papa Stour. Includes views of the landscape and local birdlife. There are also interesting shots of vintage clothes - with clothes drying on the washing line and close up views of a 1960s outfit.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

00:00:00Sheepdog in garden.
00:00:09Sheep grazing next to the shore.
00:00:15Woman standing on shore. Close up view of brown leather shoes, wool blazer and patterned skirt blowing in the wind.
00:00:18Views of coast.
00:00:30Birds in flight - Oyster Catcher and Arctic Skua.
00:00:55Views of shore, including concrete building. Bird in flight.
00:01:18Views from hill, moving across to concrete building (with area under construction).
00:01:35Sheep walking in field.
00:01:38Washing line - clothes blowing in wind.
00:01:46Birds on grass and gulls on gate post.
00:02:19Stella Shepherd walking in field of cotton grass.
00:02:27Churchyard and surrounding vista.
00:02:40Calf in field, with views of coast behind.
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