1970s era 16mm footage of planes on the runway at Sumburgh airport and a short clip of a truck driving through Scalloway.

Film-maker: Jim Smith MBE

Donated by the Hepburn / Flaws families.

Lovely footage! I wonder if the plane is the one which did an airlift of ponies from Shetland to Norway? This would link in with the footage of the stock truck leaving Berry farm.

00:00:00“BAT” plane on tarmac at Sumburgh Airport, with rainbow behind. Pan across to onlookers, with another plane and helicopter in background.
00:00:11Onlooker with bag looks at plane on tarmac. Joined by another person holding rope. Shadow of film-maker on ground in one shot.
00:00:28Another shot of plane on tarmac with rainbow behind.
00:00:33“BAT” plane taxiing at Sumburgh Airport.
00:00:40Truck passing by, driving towards Main Street, Scalloway.
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