1970s era colour 16mm footage of the Berry farm, Scalloway. Eva Berry is seen wrangling ponies (with help from a local girl) and there are various shots of ponies and foals being fed and petted on a glorious summers day.

Film-maker: Jim Smith MBE

Donated by the Hepburn / Flaws families

Gorgeous footage of the ponies at Berry Farm, and lovely to see Eva who bred them and loved working with them.

00:00:00Girl with pony on summer hillside - running alongside, feeding, petting.
00:00:14Two ponies on hillside with landscape behind.
00:00:17Eva and girl trying to wrangle pony (possibly to untangle something caught in the jaw). Then a close up with the pony.
00:01:00Eva and girl in field with ponies, with landscape behind. \
00:01:32Eva and girl wrangling ponies.
00:01:43Eva leading pony over hill, with town of Scalloway behind.
00:01:58Girl with black pony at the shore.
00:02:07Various shots of two ponies together.
00:02:46Eva and girl in summer field with ponies and foals.
00:03:13Close up of Eva feeding and petting foal.
00:03:26Various shots of ponies and foals being petted by Eva, Jim and girl.
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