Sailing regattas have always been popular social events in Shetland. This film includes some close up shots of the men working onboard the boats.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00Various long shots of boats sailing in sound.
00:00:54Long shots of pier - boats being pulled up on shore, people watching.
00:01:11Various long shots of boats sailing in sound.
00:01:26Close view of boat sailing towards camera, with another following behind.
00:01:33Close up of men onboard boats - one taking down a sail, another removing his life jacket.
00:01:39Various shots of boats in sound, some shots overexposed.
00:01:51Sailing boats lined up for start of race.
00:01:57Long shot of boats sailing.
00:02:03Men standing on pier with boats lined up in the water behind.
00:02:05Long shots of boats sailing. Also man on motor boat.
00:02:15Close up of boats lined up in water.
00:02:25Long shots of boats.
00:02:38Boy on pier, holding rolled up sail as it's removed from boat.
00:02:45Various long shots of boats sailing.
00:03:43Close up of man working in boat - leaning over the side.
00:03:48Long shots of boat sailing.
00:03:59Close up of men in boats - dark.
00:04:08Close up of two men in a boat, sailing past a berthed ferry.
00:04:18Close up of three men in boat.
00:04:20Long shot of boat sailing.
00:04:27Close up of two men working in boat.
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