Synopsis: Footage of a Shetland trawler fishing for squid of Rockall, an islet in the North Atlantic, between 11 to 19 August 1986. Boat is the Vega (formerly known as the Arctic Riever, renamed and registered in Lerwick in 1986). Skipper is Russell Smith, video was filmed by Charlie Simpson for the Shetland Islands Council R&D department.

Filmed and donated by Charlie Simpson.

This film offers a great insight into work onboard a fishing trawler in the 1980s. Not work for the faint hearted!

00:00:00First trip of the Vega to Rockall.
00:02:46Net being hauled in.
00:20:24Haddocks and whitings being fed into tank.
00:22:00Net being hauled in.
00:22:45Russell Smith at controls.
00:37:30Flock of seabirds next to boat.
00:38:15Long shots of fishing boat and Rockall.
00:44:10Irish fishing trawler.
00:50:15Long shots of Rockall.
00:59:15Machinery onboard.
01:02:00Passing fishing boat.
01:03:00Birds on deck - Red Shanks.
01:04:12Passing fishing boat.
01:04:40More shots onboard - Red Shanks, Rockall, men working with nets.
01:25:50Pile of squid onboard.
01:30:25Men on deck in rough sees.
01:32:00Net being hauled in.
01:42:45Fishing boats.
01:49:25The Grampian City - one of the last stern trawlers in Aberdeen.
01:52:00The Isadale - the very last Aberdeen side trawler.\
01:55:00Men working on deck in rough seas.
02:07:45Fish being processed below deck and packed into boxes.
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