Footage of a Shetland trawler fishing for squid of Rockall, an islet in the North Atlantic, between 11 to 19 August 1986. Boat is the Vega (formerly known as the Arctic Riever, renamed and registered in Lerwick in 1986). Skipper is Russell Smith, video was filmed by Charlie Simpson for the Shetland Islands Council R&D department.

Filmed and donated by Charlie Simpson.

00:00:00High view of the boat sailing in rough seas with nets on deck.
00:00:55Seabirds in water followed by nets being dragged by boat.
00:15:30Nets being hauled onto deck.
00:16:30Catch being emptied into hold.
00:17:40Men working on deck, repairing net.
00:18:50The Royalist, the last English slide trawler. It was owned by the crew at this time.
00:28:30A large thresher shark being hoisted onto deck by the tail.
00:30:25Thresher shark returned to the sea.
00:31:02Boat sailing at dusk.
00:31:25Boat arriving at Lochinver fish market at night.
00:33:00Boat docked at Lochinver fish market during day. Views of Lochinver scenery.
00:33:35Fish being transferred from the Vega to the fish market. Various boxes and species.
00:41:50Large halibut being winched from boat and transferred to pallets.
00:42:40Interior fish market - crew of the Vega pose for photos in front of their catch.
00:44:10large halibut on pallets.
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