This film dates from the mid to late 1960s and is a fascinating record of a year spent on the island of Papa Stour. The footage takes us through the seasons, capturing daily activities such as delivery of the mail or working on the family croft. The film ends with winter festivities around Halloween and Christmas, incorporating traditions which are still familiar to us today.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

This film is a fascinating record of life on the remote island of Papa Stour during the 1960s. It incorporates everything from the mail being delivered and harvesting crops, to festive celebrations for Christmas and Halloween. A must watch!

00:00:00‘To See Oursels’ – cue card on tartan backdrop
00:00:06‘As Ithers See Us’ – cue card on tartan backdrop
00:00:13‘Round the year on Papa Stour’ – cue card
00:00:18View from a boat; snow on hills
00:00:25Water lapping on shore
00:00:36Ruined building covered in snow
00:00:48Dark skies, snow, sheepdog
00:01:16Icicles and flowing water
00:02:03Water under a bridge/culvert
00:02:43Boy playing in snow
00:02:57Man and boy rolling large ball of snow
00:03:14Dennis and Stella Shepherd playing with sheepdog in the snow. Dennis was Missionary and Stella school teacher
00:03:31Ponies in the snow
00:04:16Boys holding large piece of ice to the camera
00:04:31Dennis Shepherd walking in snow with briefcase
00:04:58Dennis Shepherd walking in snow with sack on his back. View up to Hurdiback
00:05:19View of the church in snow
00:05:26Mail boat in the sea, powered by motor. John Jamieson steering; Johnny Scott (black beard) working engine.
00:05:33Mail boat arrives at pier; boxes offloaded
00:06:10John Jamieson taking mail up snowy road
00:06:12John and Mary Jamieson (siblings) arrive at Papa Stour Post Office with postal sack
00:06:47Mary Jamieson leaves Post Office with satchel to deliver mail to school
00:06:54Woman walking across hills and fields the mail
00:07:04Stella Shepherd receives mail
00:07:29Mary Jamieson walking across hills and fields with the mail. Walking to Wirlie (home of Mary Peterson, sister to George P S Peterson)
00:07:51Animal prints in snow
00:08:06Waves crashing over rocks and cliffs
00:09:00Rocky outstack
00:09:12Boat (Juniper) run aground
00:09:23Boat (Juniper) pushed by sea onto rocks at base of cliff
00:10:03Seascape and rocky outcrops
00:11:22Hill loch and marshy pools
00:11:39Water flowing over stones
00:11:58Indoor spring flowers: crocuses, daffodils, narcissi and hyacinth
00:11:37Ewes and lambs in sunshine
00:13:02Calf and cow in a field
00:13:07Two boys (Gordon Jamieson and possibly Billy Jamieson) in a field, picking up chicks from nest
00:13:28Two boys and Stella Shepherd looking at nest, picking up chicks
00:13:40Boys and Dennis Shepherd at second nest with chick
00:13:51Third nest with chick
00:14:13Chick running
00:14:24Red throated diver on loch, with nest and egg and chick
00:15:15Boy feeding lamb from bottle beside native Shetland rose bush
00:15:37Boy with calf
00:15:46Mary Peterson at Wirlie tethering a calf; traditional practice in Shetland
00:16:14Woman with baby and pram
00:16:26Mrs Drummond shovelling manure into wheelbarrow and then putting manure onto field
00:16:55Two women working with cabbages in field. Jessie Jamieson in blue cardigan
00:17:15John Jamieson with ponies and plough, ploughing field
00:17:55Man threshing grain (most likely oats)
00:18:10Man holding grain. He has unusual tattoos on his hands – star and anchor
00:18:35Man ploughing the field with ponies, now using second implement on field
00:19:00Sowing oats in the ploughed field
00:19:30Johnny Scott ploughing other field with tractor
00:19:55Man and woman sowing tatties
00:20:17Long shot of croft then another view of sowing tatties
00:20:35John Jamieson mending creels
00:20:50John Jamieson and (Midsetter) and Johnny Scott taking small punt out to sea
00:21:12Close up bow of boat moving through water
00:21:18Man in boat wearing oilskins. Other shots from boat
00:21:37Red rock; Northmavine
00:21:50Line fishing on boat
00:22:00View of Foula from boat
00:22:15Creel fishing
00:22:47Caves and cliffs and views
00:23:25Lobsters taken out of creel
00:23:47View of ruins on shore
00:23:50LK614 Venture at pier. Original ferry used for lobster fishing, before wheelhouse was fitted
00:24:00John Jamieson and Johnny Scott working on Venture engine
00:24:13Two men and one boy maintaining white and green rowing boat on shore; rudder
00:24:30Man working with white and blue rowing boat on beach in Hamnavoe; moving the tilfer
00:24:46Kelp, Seabirds, waves and cliffs in Aesha Bay
00:26:35Man and woman working in field with sheep dog
00:26:52Woman knitting outside house
00:27:15Sheepdog playing jacket and ball
00:27:44Sunrise over islands
00:27:54Four-pot chimney with smoke rising
00:28:06Figure walking in the distance across a field
00:28:15Gordon Jamieson going to school at Midsetter - walking towards the camera; carrying satchel and smartly dressed
00:28:38Gordon opens gate and enters school
00:28:58A boy and a girl walk towards the gate and enter school; carrying satchels
00:29:30Young girl sitting at desk, getting help with spelling from Stella Shepherd
00:29:37Boy reading at a desk
00:29:42Boy sitting at desk, using coloured pencils to draw in book
00:29:49Feet under desk
00:29:53Children and Stella Shepherd running around side of building. Lining up skittles (green plastic bottles with red lids)
00:30:08Nine green skittles on a plank, lined up against a wall. Ball thrown at skittles to knock them over
00:30:19Children doing forward roll-overs on grass
00:30:30Woman throwing ball in the air for children to catch
00:30:38Woman swinging rope for children to jump over
00:30:41Boy bent over trying to carry skittles – Stella and other boy come to help, before they all go back inside
00:30:50Two boys playing recorders and reading music from a stand. Young girl playing the triangle to accompany them
00:31:05Close up of boys fingers on recorders
00:31:11Close up of girl playing the triangle
00:31:15Woman and children playing outside. Woman holding one end of rope, with the other end tied to a wall, and children jumping over
00:31:30Height of the rope lowered for little girl to jump over
00:31:36Little girl exercising in courtyard
00:32:00Man pushing wheelbarrow containing three wooden crates. He delivers them to the school and a woman helps to carry them inside
00:32:30Nine people (including Jessie Scott) rooing sheep (pulling wool from sheep)
00:33:22Bagging up the wool
00:33:30Roo’ed sheep
00:33:33Man scything hay at Midsetter
00:33:41Woman rooging the cut hay into sheaths and stacks
00:33:53Man sharpening the scythe
00:34:03Man with tractor beside hay stacks
00:34:08Haystack covered with net
00:34:15Grass blowing in the wind. Thistle and blue sky
00:34:25Tractor with threshing machine on the left side, cutting hay. One man on tractor, one man operating scythe and woman following behind
00:34:41Close up of motor/mechanics
00:34:55Cut hay coming out the right side of machine. Then more shots of threshing
00:35:25Woman stacking sheaves
00:36:06Men loading hay by pitchfork onto tractor trailer. John Jamison, Midsetter, standing on haystack
00:36:25Man driving tractor and trailer out of field
00:36:30Woman and man carrying armfuls of hay and making large stacks behind buildings
00:37:13Man and woman walking across field with cows and bulls. Possibly Brian Anderson's father who was planning to buy cows
00:37:46Housa Voe, looking on to Gerdi. Small island ferry arrives with wooden landing boat. Men are waiting on beach to help
00:38:00Ramp of landing boat lowered. Animals loaded on to landing boat
00:38:20Ramp closed securely using screw lock mechanism on each side
00:38:33Line thrown from ferry to men in landing boat. Man ties it on for towing
00:38:39Ferry and livestock boat sail away
00:38:58Camera looks back at people on beach
00:39:09View of livestock boat and ferry from a third boat passing by
00:40:00Ferry and livestock arrive at Shetland Mainland. Livestock offloaded onto beach. Ferry moors at pier. People waiting on beach to help with animals.
00:40:28Blue van driven from beach on to the landing boat
00:40:42Van [license plate: PS 2305] pushed up the ramp by seven men. Back wheels stuck in wet sand
00:40:54Van secured onto the landing boat. Ramp secured in place
00:41:02John and Jessie Jamieson working in a field
00:41:36Using a large garden fork to lift tatties
00:41:45Lizzie and Mary Jamieson using Shetland spades to dig up tatties at Biggins
00:42:32Lifting tatties to the surface of the soil
00:42:40Tatties ready to be collected
00:42:48Lifting tatties and putting them into wicker baskets
00:43:05A witch mobile hanging on a string
00:43:14Halloween guising –Stella Shepherd with masked children holding lanterns
00:43:40Four children - eating snacks and looking at witch mobile
00:43:50Children playing indoor games – walking on string
00:44:03Boys drinking from cups
00:44:17Children trying to bite red apples hanging on strings
00:44:55Boy catches apple with his mouth
00:45:00Children eating apples
00:45:15Stella Shepherd walking with children at Hamnavoe
00:45:40Stella and children looking at stones on beach
00:46:00Boy finds a jellyfish on the beach
00:46:16‘Border Liquid Dip’ tin
00:46:19Beach at South Sands
00:46:25. Rounding up sheep at South Sands – 8 people (men and women), 3 sheepdogs
00:47:10Dipping the sheep
00:47:24Releasing the sheep
00:47:39Mrs Drummond
00:47:53Seal pup on beach
00:49:05Seal pup moving towards the sea
00:49:29Shoreline and waves
00:49:38Ruins in the snow. Followed by birds and sheepdog
00:50:00Manse gate
00:50:05Man walking in the snow
00:50:18Two boys sledging with wooden sledges on the hill above Bragasetter
00:51:36Sheepdog walking on frozen loch
00:51:41Stella Shepherd throwing rocks on to frozen loch
00:51:52Stella carding wool in kitchen beside Rayburn
00:52:34Spinning wheel
00:52:41Stella spinning thread onto Spinning wheel using foot pedal
00:53:20Stella demonstrates how to assemble/wind thread
00:54:39Two boys weaving on small looms in school room
00:55:25Two women rolling spun wool into balls
00:55:35Woman putting on a makkin belt (knitting belt)
00:55:50A group of women sitting knitting together, wearing various designs of Shetland knitwear
00:57:11Gordon Jamieson reading a book
00:57:26Gordon at Christmas tree with coloured baubles
00:57:34Fair Isle patterned jumpers and gloves
00:58:09County Library sign on a door
00:58:17Jimmy Bruce Fraser library and borrows a book
00:58:38Swans in snow
00:58:43Man at shore
00:58:55Swans on lake
00:59:22Ponies and sheepdog in snow
00:59:39Man carrying wood across his back
00:59:46Gordon and Billy Jamieson looking at a model manger
00:59:58Baubles, Christmas tree, festive table cloth. Children decorating tree with books on shelves in the background.
01:00:25Sandra Ferguson, Billy Jamieson and Gordon Jamieson looking at Christmas decorations
01:01:00Angel on top of tree
01:01:05Children looking at Scandinavian candle and angel set.
01:02:22Children taking part in nativity play.
01:02:50People singing and having a dram in a house
01:03:10People guising and dressing up
01:03:36Dusk and sunset
01:04:13Cue card – ‘The End’
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