This film has been double exposed, either by accident or design, combining footage of the Walls sailing regatta with the Lerwick Up Helly Aa fire festival. This provides a visually interesting contrast between the operational boats at sea and the viking galley ablaze. The footage probably dates from the 1970s.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

What's particularly interesting about this clip is that the footage has been double exposed, with a sailing regatta overlayed on footage of Up Helly Aa. Whether by design or accident, there is a thematic resonance bringing together sailing ships and a burning galley!

00:00:00Boats sailing in Vaila Sound on the West Mainland (near Walls). Superimposed with images of lit torches in the Lerwick Up Helly Aa procession.
00:00:38Boat sailing towards the camera and then away again.
00:01:00Various shots of boats sailing in Vaila Sound, superimposed with images of the Up Helly Aa galley burning. The silhouettes of guizers (some wearing viking helmets) can be seen in front of the flames.
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