The film section provides a fascinating account of a public procession in Lerwick of Boy’s Brigade, Girl Guides, Brownies, and Scouts; this event begins at Central School in King Harald’s Street, which is now Islesburgh Community Centre. Several clues in the film attest to this, specifically the initial gathering of children in the playground that is flanked by a set of covered archways at the back wall. This set of archways are still visible in the courtyard of Islesburgh, although they have since been altered slightly by being fully enclosed.

The procession of children starts at the front of the school, and the children and accompanying adults are seen walking south down the middle of King Harald Street, carrying banners. The procession then makes its way up to St Columba’s Church at the top of Church Road.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Boy, girl and small child exit building. Both older children wearing uniforms.
00:00:07Boy and girl walking down Lerwick street.
00:00:11Group of young boys, wearing blue uniforms and peaked caps.
00:00:17Children getting in line/formation.
00:00:18Vicar walks past the camera.
00:00:20Woman: wearing blue uniform, hat, white gloves, blue trench coat, blouse and tie.
00:00:23Girls wearing blue uniform, carrying flags.
00:00:27Older girls and younger boys, gathered in Central School playground.
00:00:28Children standing in formation beside Central School.
00:00:38Procession of children and adults along King Harald Street in Lerwick, outside Central School; boys in the lead, girls behind.
00:00:41Boys Brigade, Girl Guides, Brownies and Scouts.
00:01:02Walking across top of Church Road, Lerwick.
00:01:30People walking up steps into St Columba’s Church, Lerwick.
00:01:37Boys Brigade banner and Girl Guide banner, held at steps of Church.
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