This footage of traditional sheep shearing was possibly filmed in the North Mainland in the 1970s. With views of men wrangling the sheep, which are carefully sheared by men and women using traditional clippers.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00Shots of tractor pulling a plough to turn over a field.
00:00:19Long shots of group shearing sheep, all using traditional clippers. Woman wrangles sheep before pushing it down into position.
00:00:32Close up of man in flat cap shearing sheep. In front of a man picking up another sheep to move it.
00:00:33Close up of older woman shearing sheep next to sheep dog. She briefly looks up at the camera.
00:00:38Close up of older and younger women shearing sheep. A boy crosses the frame, looking at the camera.
00:00:45Brief long shot of man rolling up fleeces.
00:00:47Close up of woman in headscarf shearing sheep.
00:00:52Man in flat cap leading a sheep out of a crowded pen.
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