This footage shows children playing in the backgarden of Clairmont House, after heavy snowfall. Possibly filmed in the winter of 1955. They chase each other, throw snowballs, and enjoy jumping through the deep snow.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

00:00:00Footage taken in the back garden of Clairmont House (possibly in the winter of 1955). Monty Georgeson throws a snowball at the camera.
00:00:03Margaret Manson supporting Deborah Georgeson standing in the snow.
00:00:06Various shots of Deborah and Monty Georgeson playing in the snow - chasing each other, falling over, etc.
00:00:28Margaret Manson and Deborah Georgeson standing in the snow.
00:00:34Monty Georgeson trips and lands face first in the deep snow!
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