This footage was possibly taken in the winter of 1955. Lerwick is under heavy snow and cars have become stuck at the Sound Brae (south end of town). There are views of the snow covered landscape, the district nurse standing by her car, and a snow blower clearing the road.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

This particularly heavy snowfall creates amazing contrast in this film. The view down into Lerwick also contrasts with that of today, and the snowplough is incredible!

00:00:00Cars stuck in deep snow at the Sound Brae (south end of Lerwick). District Nurse standing with dog next to her Morris Minor (PS1775). Morris van stuck behind (PS2308).
00:00:16Views of snowy landscape taken from Sound Brae. Tank defence barricade (?), snow covered houses, Lerwick and Bressay in distance.
00:01:04Snow covered road.
00:01:10Views of snow blower clearing road, with people walking in front / behind.
00:02:13Mitchell Georgeson standing in road.
00:02:20Panoramic view of Sound, Lerwick and Bressay covered in snow.
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