Colour footage a cairding and spinning class in the old Gunnister Hall in winter 1969 or early 1970. This event was arranged to teach Janet Bailey, who was temporarily residing in Shetland while her husband was on placement with the coastguard.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

Another trip down memory lane from the 1960's as a group of women demonstrate the art of cairding and spinning wool. Though there are still folks who can carry on this skill, it is a way of life no longer commonplace.The only thing lacking in the film is the sound. It would have been lovely to have heard the conversations, yarns and skirls of the bairns playing around the floor!

00:00:00Long shot of ladies using traditional wooden paddles to caird (or card) fleece. All are wearing fantastic examples of traditional Shetland knitwear.
00:00:13Close up of women cairding, with young girl in red jumper standing behind.
00:00:32Long shot of women - some cairding, some spinning and some hand knitting.
00:00:44Various close ups of women cairding.
00:00:59Various close ups of women using traditional spinning wheels. Children walk through the room as they work.
00:02:04Close up of women hand knitting.
00:02:12Close ups of women using spinning wheels.
00:02:35Various long shots of women cairding and spinning while children play with fleece on the floor.
00:02:55Various close ups of women cairding and spinning.
00:03:36Close up of younger women cairding.
00:03:40Long shot of women working.
00:04:05Close up of girl helping with spinning.
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