Film of the old St Clair, berthed and then departing from Victoria Pier. The old practice of people standing on the pier to wave goodbye is a central aspect of this, as was the use of the external gangplank to get on and off the vessel. The film also depicts a large old building that used to be situated on the pier but was demolished c.1970s.

Donated by the Miller family.

00:00:00Children peer down at the camera from ship railing above.
00:00:06Children walk down external gangplank of ship.
00:00:11Man on deck.
00:00:20People disembark down gangplank.
00:00:31Mrs Lees and Baby Nigel Miller, stand beside building on Victoria Pier, beside crowd of people.
00:00:41People on deck of ship.
00:00:43People walking up gangplank onto ship, waving.
00:00:46Family stand at rail of ship as it departs, waving to people on pier as ship moves astern.
00:01:21People on pier waving to people on ship.
00:01:38View of the ‘St Clair’ departing from Victoria Pier, with Bressay behind..
00:01:49People on Victoria Pier. 'Anderson & Co' building in distance, large building on Victoria Pier is visible (demolished c1980s).
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